Beaded Mini Mitt Class

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Beaded Mini Mitt
First in a series of comically small and complicated knits that will make you smile
Tuesday, October 10 -- 6:30-8:30 pm  OR
Wednesday, October 11 – 9:30-11:30 am
This is the first in a series that will build skills in making mittens and adding decorative details such as colorwork and various ethnic embellishments.  This first class will teach you a simple beading technique that is used to make Lithuanian Riešinės or wrist warmers.  Done on a garter stitch base knit flat, the beads create beautiful patterns on the right side of the work.  Peg has created 5 different motifs and your pattern (included in the materials fee) contains all 5 charts plus a blank chart for you to design your own.  These mini mitts are the perfect size to use in a garland or as a gift topper or to hold a gift card for some lucky recipient!
Your materials fee will cover 1 ball of Curio yarn in color Bone and 1 ball in a color of your choice plus 1 beading needle and enough beads to make all 5 motifs.  Each ball will make 3 mini mitts.  You will also need size 1 or 1.5 needles in a 24” or 32” length.  
Prerequisites:  Ability to cast on independently and work back and forth in garter stitch.  You’ll be taught how to string the beads.  The thumb is done in the round and, while fiddly and somewhat annoying, is over in a flash.  
This is an enthusiastic beginner level class.
Instructor:  Peg Mayor