Beginner Tunisian Crochet

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Our Beginners Classes are intended for the absolute beginner who wants to start Tunisian crocheting.

You need to have basic crochet skills...holding a crochet hook, making a chain and making a yarn over.

In the Tunisian Crochet Basics first class we will: discuss the tools of the trade; examine some examples of Tunisian crochet pieces; practice setting up a project; and learn several stitches.  Each person will select the yarn color they would like for the project - The Braided Ear Warmer.  

In the second class we will cover changing colors, do a quick refresher of the stitch used in the pattern and begin the project.  Attendees will leave the classes with an overall understanding of the basics of Tunisian crochet and the confidence to make many projects!

Beginning Tunisian Crochet is comprised of 2 one hour long lessons that cover the basics of Tunisian crochet. All materials will be provided.

Call with questions 216-230-9224 during store hours.

Private beginning classes (1-2 people) may be scheduled in the same format during or outside store hours.

10% discounts for seniors (over 65) and full-time students are available, call before signing up.

Young people are welcome in our classes, but should be able to read directions and focus on a project lasting up to 1 hour.  Shorter one-on-one lessons are possible for younger or more easily distracted participants. Call and talk to us about what your child may like.