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Around the Table Yarns

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Our Beginners Classes are intended for the absolute beginner who wants to start knitting or crocheting.

Each class is comprised of 2 one hour long lessons that cover the basics of each craft. All materials will be provided.

Call with questions 216-230-9224 during store hours 11-5 daily

Private beginning classes (1-2 people) may be scheduled in the same format/price during/outside store hours.

10% discounts for seniors (over 65) and full-time students are available, call before signing up.

Young people are welcome in our classes, but should be able to read directions and focus on a project lasting up to 1 hour.  Shorter one-on-one lessons are possible for younger or more easily distracted participants. Call and talk to us about what your child may like.

Covid-19 accomodations: Classes are taught before or after the normal retail hours and masks covering nose and mouth are required throughout the lessons.