Sock Club 2023

What is Sock Club? It’s your chance to explore hand knit socks with us 

Every new cast-on of Sock Club starts at the beginning so even if you have never tried knitting socks before you can absolutely join in.  Basic knitting skills, working in the round on small circumference projects and the willingness to try new things are absolutely essential. We start at the cast on each time and record meetings as we go to make sure if you miss one, you can still keep up. We recommend making the second sock at the same time on a separate set of needles. Participants are encouraged to seek help before and between classes for specific issues to maximize our limited class time.

When: Mondays in the store at 10 am and at  6 pm ET on the ATTY Recorded Zoom (password 796058) according to the following schedule


2 Sock Club prep Measuring your feet and getting gauge (video recorded Jan 3 2022)  Click here for the handout PDF We are using the book Custom Socks: Knit to fit your Feet by Kate Atherley as a reference for foot measurements.

9 Sock Club Casting on (video) the Kindling Socks by Lindsey Fowler



6 Sock Club Heel and Gusset (video) for the Kindling Socks by Lindsey Fowler with special guest Lindsey Fowler


Sock Club Finishing(video) the Kindling Socks by Lindsey Fowler



3 Sock Club Fast Forward by Kate Atherley DK weight sock Judy's Magic Cast on and foot with special guest Kate Atherley!


1 Sock Club  Fast Forward by Kate Atherley Gusset and short row heel


5 Sock Club  Fast Forward by Kate Atherley Leg and Cuff


10 Sock Club 


7 Sock Club 


4 Labor Day-Shop Closed No Sock Club


2 Sock Club 


30 Sock Club Little Boxes Sock by Summer Lee Cuff and Foot


27 Sock Club Little Boxes Sock by Summer Lee Toe and Afterthought Heel


25 Christmas Day - Shop Closed No Sock Club