Sock Club Info

What is Sock Club? It’s your chance to explore hand knit socks with us 

Every new cast-on of Sock Club starts at the beginning so even if you have never tried knitting socks before you can absolutely join in.  Basic knitting skills and the willingness to try new things are absolutely essential. We start at the cast on each time and record meetings as we go to make sure if you miss one, you can still keep up. 

When: Mondays in the store at 10 am and at  6 pm ET on the ATTY Recorded Zoom (password 796058)

2022 Schedule:


The goal of Sock Club is to encourage everyone who wants to to make hand knit socks and along the way to become more confident in all the knitting techniques that socks can teach by making socks together for ourselves (and deserving others!).  Along the way we will examine what makes a good pattern, create our own sock recipes and use the yarn we have or that gorgeous sock yarn we always wanted.


What you need:

  • Paper and pencil and maybe a calculator

  • tape measure and maybe a ruler

  • sock yarn (or yarn you want to make socks out of)

  • sock needle style of your choice. (Don’t know which needles? We’ll talk about that a lot.)

  • If you need yarn or equipment use the code SockClub in the Good for Socks category on our web site one time to get 10% off of the listed price or tell us at the register in store.