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Summer wedding?  Sleeveless dress and you’re not 100% okay with “sun’s out, guns out” this year?  Make yourself a chic topper that will enhance your outfit and provide some warmth if needed!  Explore using some of our fabulous sparkly yarns without devoting an entire full size sweater to the glitter.  Try knitting with some silk for drape and gorgeous depth of color.  Or, grab some Mojave or Queensland United and knit yourself a wardrobe workhorse.  
The class will focus on shrug construction and tailoring your chosen pattern to your size and shape.  You will be able to modify sleeve openings or back depth using short rows and make the width from elbow to elbow exactly what you want.  If you’re on the tall side, we can make changes for that.  Want longer sleeves?  Can do!  We’ll use your gauge and your measurements to make sure you end up with the perfect accessory for every day or that fun event on your calendar.
This is a 2-session class that will run on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 and on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30.  Class dates for Tuesday night are April 23 and May 14.  Wednesday sessions are April 24 and May 15.  There will be homework for both sessions.  You’ll need a LARGE (6” square minimum) gauge swatch in your main shrug stitch pattern for Session 1.
Peg has curated a bundle of 15 shrug patterns that share a common constructio: any pattern from the bundle will work. If you want to knit a pattern that’s not in the bundle, please check with Peg before buying supplies. Not all shrug patterns will work with this class.
It’s important that our patterns are similar in the way they are made even if they vary wildly in stitch pattern and other details.  Peg’s Avana is hanging in the shop and was knit using Ito Kinu (silk), Ito Sensai (silk/mohair), and Lang Paillettes (sequins).  For her class demo garment, she’s going to knit Iris using Queensland United (wool/cotton).  The bundle is here:
Pick something out and join us! Registered class participants will get a 10% discount on patterns, yarn and needles purchased in store or on line.