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Brediculous Yarn



From Solids To Variegated

Explore the wonders of hand dyed yarn made through a crock pot. This technique enables me to blend beautiful colors together, creating variegated skeins that makes you take a second look.

It's not ridiculous it's Brediculous!


Machine Wash Gentle, Tumble Dry Low. Best Recommended Hand Washed in Cold / Room Temperature Water and Lay Flat to Dry


The Dyer

Hi! I'm Brea, owner and dyer of Brediculous Yarns. I would be lying if I said yarn dyeing was my main original career choice but here we are! Going for my BA in college, I discovered the beauty of hand dyed yarn. From there I evolved from buying to making hand dyed yarn. I have been dyeing yarn ever since. I started off in my living room and now moved down stairs in the basement with a lot more space to create more colors! If I’m not dyeing yarn, or knitting a project, I am most likely using the rest of my time playing softball. Most of my weekends, during the warm weather, involves me playing in tournaments

The Trusty Companion

Contrary to the stereotype, she is one lucky cat. And yes! Her name is also Lucky. She helps me get your orders out the door and keeps me in check so that I don't fall behind on things. She was a stray outside at 6 months old. She was skin and bones and I knew she had to be mine. Slowly but surely she came into our home. I can't tell if I saved her or she saved me. As me and my dad would say, "She is one Lucky cat."