YTAP C201 Sugar Pop Throw Organicon


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Recreated and released to celebrate the launch of 49 new Scheepjes Organicon colours, the striking Sugar Pop Throw by Esme Crick combines bold colour blocks and pretty picot edging. The 100% Soft Organic Cotton yarn offers impressive stitch definition and is perfect to accentuate the textural details. Rows of raised bobbles are hooked in a simple, rhythmic bead stitch, making this such a relaxing and enjoyable project. Medium sized at 100 x 150cm, it’s perfect for a baby’s cot, or snuggling under the stars on summer nights.


Scheepjes Organicon (100% Soft Organic Cotton; 50g/170m)

  • Yarn A 233 Restless Pine x 3 balls
  • Yarn B 264 Happy Thoughts x 3 balls
  • Yarn C 268 Sleepy Cyan x 3 balls
  • Yarn D 247 Swaying Tulip x 3 balls
  • Yarn E 248 Pink Elephant x 3 balls
  • Yarn F 249 Pink Petunia x 3 balls
  • Yarn G 250 Powder Pink x 3 balls
  • Yarn H 203 Frosted Silver x 3 balls
  • 3mm and 4mm crochet hooks


The written pattern is featured in YARN - The After Party 201 and is available as a printed booklet in English (UK), Dutch and German, or as a digital download via Ravelry.

Printed pattern is free with Scheepjes Organicon yarn purchase