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Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set


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$80.00 - $90.50 (Ex. Tax)
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Set includes 10 sizes
•Size B (2.25mm)
•Size C (2.75mm)
•Size D (3.25mm)
•Size E (3.5mm)
•Size F (3.75mm)
•Size G (4.0mm)
•Size 7 (4.5mm)
•Size H (5.0m)
•Size I (5.5mm)
•Size J (6.0mm)

Hooks also sold separately.

Carefully designed hook.

Easy to pull the yarn through the stitches and the stitches stay on the hook.
Stitches don’t slip off the hook making it easy to pick up stitches and pull the yarn through the stitches.
It is designed to make basic crocheting smooth and accurate.

Hand-friendly grip.
3D design achieves an easy grip.
Grips with a 3D curve fit your fingertips comfortably.
These perfectly fitting handles require no extra power, allowing you to knit tirelessly.

Soft and nonslip material.
The entire grip is made of nonslip material to serve many different crocheting styles.
It has a comfortable and soft touch.