Mix and Match Blanket Club

Mix and Match Blanket Club 2024

You will need to purchase Mix and Match Modern Crochet Blankets by Esme Crick to participate.

We meet in the Classroom at 20085 Chagrin Boulevard at 10 am in person OR at 6 pm on ZOOM on the dates listed.

There is no sign up or registration required. Participants can get a 10% discount on materials purchased for Mix and Match Club.

Call 216-230-9224 if there are questions.

Each month we will learn new and different crochet stitches to create an amazing and unique blanket.



January 15: Come with your book and we’ll talk yarn choices, colors, blanket size, charted vs. written directions and learn some classic stitches. (video)

                   Foundation Single Crochet Video


February 12: Texture Stitches -#10 Alpine, #11 Catherine Wheel, #12 Sedge Stitch (video)


March 11: Texture Stitches -#15 Basket Weave, #17 Ridged Ripple, #21 Herringbone Double Crochet (video )


April 8: Mosaic Stitches - #24 Tartan Vibe, #26 Blocky Spots, #27 Tiny Dots (video)


May 6: Mosaic Stitches - #33 Gentle Waves, #35 Stripey Diamond, #37 Mosaic Bobbles


June 10: Filet Stitches - #44 Linking Leaves, #49 Dotty Squares, #51 Filet Flowers


July 8: Embellishment -  Base Fabric, #58 Simple Frills, #60 Single Crochet Surface Crochet


August 12: Ribbing/Cables - #62 Corrugated Ribs, #63 Chunky Cable, #64 Mini Cable


September 16: Ribbing/Cables - #65 Jacobs Ladder, #68 Skinny Ribs, #70 Twisted Vines


October 14: Tapestry -