About Us

Welcome to Around the Table Yarns!

Dear Friends,

Years ago, this shop started as a conversation about all the things we wished we could find in our local yarn shop: great yarn, obviously, but also a place to be with others who love the crafts of knitting or crocheting. We wanted a smiling welcome and good light and comfortable chairs and lessons (so we can try new things!) and help when we get stuck (so we can finish things!). Having in-store access to Ravelry and the ability to print patterns out in color means you are never without a pattern. Senior (65+), student, military and teacher discounts are just some of the ways we wanted to give back.

As we've grown in our first few months of being open, we have been able to add amazing helpers in the store who are committed to the same goal of creating community in the shop.  

What do you wish for?

Please let us know and we look forward to having you join us around our table.



Pam Berkson and Beth Billings