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Allstitch Studio Stitch Markers

Allstitch Studio

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Stitch markers are the essential tool for knitters, so let's choose the ones that add a little extra joy to every row.

  • Our stitch markers are coated metal, so they're smooth, seamless, and will stick to magnets
  • The Large size fits knitting needles up to a size  US #10.5 (6.5mm)
  • The Small size fits knitting needles from a size US #8 (5mm) all the way down to #0 (2mm)

Warm Tones: pinks/ reds/ oranges

Cool Tones: blues/ greens

Whether you are knitting in the round, marking your pattern changes, or counting your stitches, we think you're going to enjoy working with these handy knitting notions from Allstitch Studio. 

Flower Sampler Box:

Your complete set of Flower Stitch Markers, all stored away in an adorable sliding drawer box:

The sampler box includes a total of 80 stitch markers for knitters, all in our signature flower design. Use them for knitting in the round, indicating pattern changes, counting stitches, and more.  

The storage box slides open, with four compartments to separate your stitch markers. 

What you'll get: 

  • Stitch marker storage box  
  • 20 Large Flower Stitch Markers (Wildflowers)
  • 20 Large Flower Stitch Markers (Cherry Blossom)
  • 20 Small Flower Stitch Markers (Warm Tones)
  • 20 Small Flower Stitch Markers (Cool Tones)