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Collectible Stitch markers from Katrinkles

Our Around the Table Yarns markers are sold individually.

Limited Edition October 2021 - Spooky is our theme this month! This month’s stitch markers include 6 skulls plus one glows in the dark!

Sock Instruction Stitch Markers: These fun stitch markers are the perfect instruction set for your sock knitting. Each set comes with:2 x BOR, 2 x SSK, 2 x K2TOG. Only available with removable pins. Product Details: Material: Birch, Approximate Size: 1/2” x 3/4” x 1/8”, Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each item may slightly vary.

Cast on Rainbow Acrylic: If you've ever had to cast on hundreds of stitches for a blanket or a sweater and lost track halfway through, you need these numbered stitch markers in your life! Comes in a set of 6: three 100 markers and 1 each of 25, 50 and 75. Available on rings or removable bulb-shaped safety pins. Material: Acrylic with stainless steel rings or removable pins. Approximate Size: 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8”. There are two options for ring type. Our stainless steel rings have a 9.5mm inner diameter. They are big enough to fit over size 11 needles but not so big that they're uncomfortable to use on smaller knitting. The other option is a removable black bulb shaped safety pin, which fits best on needles smaller than size 3.

Tiny Socks Acrylic marker set: Cute Alert! These acrylic mini sock stitch markers will add the perfect pop of color to your knitting project. Each set will include 10 stitch markers in 5 bright, fun colors! Choose from our PINKS set or BLUES set. Available on rings or removable pins. The rings are smaller and fit up to a size 8 needle. Material: Acrylic with stainless steel rings. Approximate Size: 3/8” x 3/8” x 1/8” Because of the acrylic material, the appearance and color of each stitch marker may vary slightly. 

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