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Hand Gauge for Sock Knitting


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This hand gauge for sock knitting by Prym is an incredibly handy and versatile tool for knitting or crocheting socks (or gloves). Place your knitting work on the ruler, so that the toes of your knitted socks are against the rounded side and you can measure fairly accurately your progress in sock knitting. This gauge comes in handy also for measuring your stitch gauge. The hand gauge features centimetres on one side (up to 20cm, distributed in 2 x units of 10cm) and inches on the other (up to 8in, distributed over 2 x units of 4in). This hand gauge is provided with a needle gauge, with the size indicated in both millimetres (2.00-4.00mm) and according to the American knitting and crochet needle system (0-6). In the slot it is possible to attach stitch markers.