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Short-Row Colorwork Knitting by Woolly Wormhead

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Using short-rows to create colorful patterns in knitting is nothing new, and in recent years they’ve been used by knitwear designers in many popular patterns. Yet it’s never been pinned down, explained and developed as it’s own technique – until now.

Since I published my Elemental collection in 2017, I’ve been developing my approach to short-row colorwork, refining the details and methods, and adapting it’s uses.

This book is the first of it’s kind! Within it’s 192 pages I talk you through how I’ve developed this technique and teach you how to fully utilize short-row colorwork knitting.

Beginning with an in-depth and illustrated step-by-step section, I cover the core concepts. With that new knowledge, knitters can then move on to explore and practice from a stitch dictionary of 50 stitch patterns. To round out the book, 10 accessory patterns from various designers from around the world are included, showcasing the beauty, ease of accessibility, and versatility of this technique.

Colorwork is always a hit among knitters, and this new way to learn and then use short-row colorwork knitting will draw the attention of knitters and designers alike.