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Prym Knitting Thimble "The Knit Ring"

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Knitting with multiple colours becomes super easy with the knitting thimble 'TheKnitRing' by Prym. The knitting thimble allows you to knit patterns in two or three different colours without ending up with a chaotic tangle of yarn threads. Even beginners can easily knit the most beautiful colour patterns. You simply slide the thimble over your finger and it will not get in the way while knitting. The main colour yarn thread needs to be placed through the orange slider, while the other (decorative) threads are placed on the upper thread guide. If you do not need the main colour, you can simply slide it behind the other threads. The thimble is adjustable in size thanks to the flexible strap, making it perfect for every finger. The soft plastic material feels pleasant on the skin. The knitting thimble measures 50 x 60mm and is suitable for yarns with a recommended needle size of 2.00-6.00mm.