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Project Monday Sweater Club 2023



23 Swatching and sizing (video) to start the Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick

NAiMA Pullover DK is worked seamlessly from the top down. After the collar is done, the neck is shaped with short rows. Then you work the yoke with raglan and radial increases down to sleeve separation. The sleeve stitches are then placed on hold, underarm sts are cast on, and you continue to work the body to the ribbing. After the body is completed, the sleeve sts are picked up again to work the sleeves top down in the round to the end.


20 Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Collar (video


20 Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Yoke (video) notes


17 Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick  Moving the markers on the bottom of the yoke (video)


15 Sweater Club Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Separating the sleeves and working the body (video)


19 Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Binding off for the body (and sleeves) and picking up and working the sleeves (video)



24 Starting the Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Swatching and sizing (video)

Pattern is written in 3 weights of yarn in sizes up to 50" bust circumference. We will include sizes 54, 58, 63, and 67” bust circumference by altering the pattern as needed during the class. Amounts of yarn required will vary. Please feel free to contact the store for assistance. 216-230-9224 

Pullover is worked flat in pieces in Stockinette stitch from the bottom up.
Front and back have ribbed hems, and sleeves have hemmed Stockinette stitch cuffs. Fingering and DK versions have hemmed mock necks, super-bulky version has single layer mock neck.

This session is all about choosing the right size for the pullover. There will be math. You can use a favorite sweater to measure for comparison and you'll need a swatch: Using the yarn and needles you have chosen for your pullover, cast on enough to make a 4 in swatch (bigger is fine!) and knit in stockinette stitch until it is 4 in long. Examine and decide if you want looser or denser fabric and if you do, continue with a needle size bigger (looser) or smaller (denser) for another for in. Repeat as needed before binding off loosely. Block the swatch and let it dry before measuring the width. Using a rigid ruler, measure across the center of the swatch to the nearest 1/8th inch. Swatch gauge = # stitches / # inches.


21 Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: The Back (video)


18 Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: The Front


16 Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: The Sleeves


13 Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Mattress Stitch Seaming


11 Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Finishing and Blocking