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Recorded Classes

Knitting Essentials

Colorwork in Knitting

 Crochet Essentials

Stick and Stitch embroidery with Pam Powers of Ikigai Fibers

Sock Club 2022

Year of Hats

Knit Block of the Month Club (also offered Thursdays at 8pm once a month, dates TBA) based on Michelle Hunter's Building Blocks $19.95 on Ravelry

Crochet Block of the Month based on Annie's Attic Stitch Sampler Afghan $6.99 from Annie's Catalog


Project Monday 2023


2 Sock Club prep Measuring your feet and getting gauge (video recorded Jan 3 2022)  Click here for the handout PDF We are using the book Custom Socks: Knit to fit your Feet by Kate Atherley as a reference for foot measurements.

9 Sock Club Casting on (video) the Kindling Socks by Lindsey Fowler

16 Amigurumi Club Basic Shape (video) Magic Ring (Video)

23 Sweater Club Swatching and sizing (video) to start the Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick

30 Granny Square Club Granny Square Bag by Carolyn Calderon, Part 1 (video ) Magic Ring Video


6 Sock Club Heel and Gusset (video) for the Kindling Socks by Lindsey Fowler with special guest Lindsey Fowler

13 Amigurumi Club - Cory the Giant Bunny by Airali Design (video )

20 Sweater Club Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Collar (video

27 Granny Square Club Granny Square Bag by Carolyn Calderon, part 2 (video)


6 Sock Club Finishing(video of toe shaping plus video of grafting the toe) the Kindling Socks by Lindsey Fowler

13  Amigurumi Club

20 Sweater Club Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Yoke (video) notes

27 Granny Square Club


3 Sock Club  Fast Forward by Kate Atherley DK weight sock Judy's Magic Cast on and foot with Kate Atherley (video)

10 Amigurumi Club Cutest Stuffed Tiger (video)

17 Sweater Club Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick moving the markers (video)

24 Granny Square Club Hygge Burst Pillow Part 2 (video)


1 Sock Club Fast Forward by Kate Atherley Gusset and short row heel (video)

8  Amigurumi Club  - Hobbes Part 2 (video)

15 Sweater Club Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Separating the sleeves and working the body (video)

22 Granny Square Club - Oma Goodness Top by Little Golden Nook (video)

29 Memorial Day - Shop closed


5 Sock Club - Fast Forward by Kate Atherley Cuff and Binding off (video)

12 Amigurumi Club

19 Sweater Club Naima Pullover DK by Ankestrick Binding off for the body and picking up the sleeves (video)

26 Granny Square Club


3 No Project Monday

10 Sock Club Little Boxes Sock by Summer Lee Cast on, stranded colorwork and placing the heel (video)

17 Amigurumi Club

24 Starting the Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Swatching and sizing (video)


31 Granny Square Club


7 Sock Club Little Boxes Sock by Summer Lee Toe and Heel (video)

14 Amigurumi Club Walter T. Rex (video)

21 Sweater Club Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Back (video)

28 Granny Square Club


4-Closed for Labor Day Holiday

11 Amigurumi Club

18 Sweater Club Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Front (video)

25 Granny Square Club


2 Sock Club Proudfoot by Rue Meeks-Johnson part 2 Heel expansion (video)

9 Amigurumi Club

16 Sweater Club Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Sleeves and Blocking (video)

23 Granny Square Club-canceled

30 Sock Club Proudfoot by Rue Meeks-Johnson part 1 the cast on (video)


6 Amigurumi Club

13 Sweater Club Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team:3 needle bind-off and Neck finishing (video)

20 Granny Square Club

27 Sock Club Proudfoot by Rue Meeks-Johnson part 3 Turning the heel (video)


4 Amigurumi Club

11 Sweater Club Ren Pullover by Woolfolk Design Team: Mattress stitch seams for sleeves and sides (video)

18 Granny Square Club

25 Closed for Christmas Day Holiday